The B.I.O.S DIFFERENCE - The BIOS Orthopedic Institute

Experience… EXPERIENCE.

Having done thousands of interventional orthopedic procedures including PRP, BMC, and mFat procedures, Dr. Panero has a wealth of knowledge on what type of biologic to use in specific problems and how to make adjustments that can optimize the outcome. His research and international experience gives him access to the world’s best consultants to discuss difficult cases and upcoming technologies. In the rare occasion that a complication happens this experience can be the guiding light on overcoming it and getting the cart back on track.


Long gone are the days of stabbing around with the needle until you find the spot. With advancements in imaging technology there is no reason not to do every procedure with image guidance to ensure optimized precision and safety.

At B.I.O.S we are specialty trained in the use of:

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound – a dynamic imaging modality that we use both to diagnose pathology and guide procedures.

Fluoroscopy – live x-ray guidance that allows us to reach specific anatomical locations in the spine and guide needles precisely inside of bones for injections.

Nanoarthroscopy – this amazing new technology allows us to look inside of the knee with a camera slightly bigger the size of a needle.

Customized Prescriptions

Every patients brings with them a unique condition within the context of their physical abilities, genetic predisposition, and lifestyle habits. Thus, even the same type of pathology may have to be treated differently in different patients. Moreover, not every patient’s goals are the same. One may be trying to walk without pain, while the other wants to run an ultra-marathon without pain.

In that same vein, not every interventional orthopedic treatment can be done exactly the same way.

At B.I.O.S we tailor each treatment plan accordingly. We are able to make a variety of PRP and BMC preparations, and use in certain scenarios scaffolds to ensure that we


At B.I.O.S we believe in the mind body connection and developing a relationship that meets our patient’s goals. We treat everyone with empathy and compassion. The art of medicine lives within the human touch. In order to apply the science we have to always ensure the right diagnosis is being made. Treating the patient first and not just the imaging findings, we focus on a thorough physical exam to connect the patient to the diagnostic findings.

Dr. Panero is an amazing physician who truly cares about the wellbeing of his patients. His entire team is dedicated, thorough, and professional who makes sure all appointments go smoothly even with the ongoing pandemic. Dr. Panero recommended PRP for my elbow tendinitis and truly advocated for me to get the treatment I needed to improve my chronic pain. I am so grateful to be one of Dr. Panero’s patients!

Rena S.

Finally after 3 months of being brushed off, I found a Doctor who cared to take an extra minute to treat me as an individual and listen. I saw several doctors without a diagnosis and I now have that and a plan of care. Truly grateful for Dr . Panero!!! Very Thorough.

Davina R.

Dr. Panero is extremely professional and takes the time to explain in detail his diagnosis and opinion. He is also willing to listen to your concerns and needs.(Some orthopedic doctors I’ve meet with have not been as open minded.) I really like his approach to rehab and regeneration. It is refreshing to not have a Dr. want to immediately operate or medicate you. Nice courteous staff, reasonable wait time and the office is very accessible with a parking garage. Parking fee, I paid $1 for 30 mins, cash only.

Ronald Z.

Initial consultation went well. Looking forward to the next few appts to get back to total health.

Andy W.

Very personable and knowledgeable presenting options for the problem and then going forward from the choice made. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family! Office staff is fabulous as well.

Jim M.